The following principles are present in all of A.I.M. Health's workouts so you can enjoy a sustainable and safe exercise regimen.


Blending different fitness modalities, like yoga, lifting weights and plyometrics, allows you to develop muscular strength, increase cardiovascular endurance, improve flexibility, stimulate bone mineral density and sweat out stress concurrently.


Breath fuels your body with oxygen and calms your central nervous system so you can stay focused and ready for any challenge.


Quality always comes before quantity with exercise. It is much more beneficial to perform two push-ups with proper form than ten with poor alignment.


The more you move your body, the more body awareness you will cultivate. Being in tune with your body enables you to know when to push yourself and when to back off. Learn your limits and understand the difference between discomfort ("This squat is hard and uncomfortable, but in a good way that I need!") and pain ("Every time I squat my knee has a stabbing pain"). If something is truly painful, back off and/or modify.


Modifying is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of strength. You will get stronger faster, greatly reduce the risk of injury, and your body will thank you.


Warming up increases your core body temperature, elevates your heart rate, and prepares you both physically and mentally for the workout.

Cooling down slows your heart rate, calms your breathing, and incorporates static stretching to balance out the challenging workout.