Broccoli Soup with Cashew Cream

After a gluttonous weekend or vacation, this no-fuss broccoli soup is super easy to make and the perfect cleanse. The benefits of broccoli are vast: it’s high in vitamins and fiber, rids the body of environmental pollutants, and contains sulforaphane, which aids in cancer prevention.  By blending the broccoli, this gluten-free, dairy-free soup is easily digestible and helps get your system back on track!


2 heads of broccoli (roughly cut…with stems)

4-6 cups organic chicken (or vegetable) broth

2 big or 3 small shallots (roughly chopped)

1 tsp. red chili flakes

2 cups raw cashews

2 cups water

Salt & pepper, to taste


Toss broccoli, shallots, chili flakes, and 4 cups of broth into crockpot. Turn on low for at least 4 hours (could be longer if you are leaving it for the day!). Note: if you do not have a crockpot you can make this on the stove-top, just be sure you are home to keep an eye on it!

Place cashews in a bowl with water and allow to soak while the broccoli cooks.

After 4 hours or so, once the broccoli is cooked and wilted down, blend the soup (in stages by ladling into a blender or with a hand bender in the pot) and add more broth as needed depending on the consistency you’d like to achieve.

Blend the soaked cashews with a pinch of salt adding more water if needed to achieve a creamy texture.

Serve soup in a bowl with a large dollop of cashew cream on top. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Eat as much as you want!