How to Access A.I.M. Health Classes

The very first A.I.M. Health videos are up now!

Follow the below step-by-step instructions on how to access the videos. Please note that the first four steps will only need to be completed once during the initial set-up.

1.     Click here (or the “Video Workouts” button on A.I.M. Health’s main page) to access Namastream’s (our video host site) landing page:

2.     Create an account with Namastream.

3.     Check your email for a link from Namastream to activate your account.

4.     Login and complete your information. Note that ALL of your information must be entered before submitting.

5.     You’ll be sent to browse the shop.

6.     Choose the product you would like to view and click “View Product.” *

7.     Click the “Register” button.

8.     Click the “Register Product” button.

9.     Hit “Click Here to Access Your Purchase.”

10.  Select “View Product” and you are good to go!

·      Videos (“Products”) currently available as of 1/3/17:

o   Intro to Power Vinyasa Yoga: a FREE, 30 minute sample class for all-levels.

o   Demos: 3 tutorials on some fundamental aspects you’ll see in A.I.M. Health classes. Highly recommended prior to taking our classes!