Welcome to A.I.M. Health!

Having taught yoga and fitness for over 6 years, people often approach me for advice on how to maintain a disciplined exercise routine and healthy lifestyle despite the obstacles they face: 9-to-5 jobs that are impossible to clock out of due to mobile technology, babies and kids that require constant supervision, hefty travel schedules that wear on energy levels and limit healthy choices, and any other number of adulthood’s endless duties that leave you feeling drained at the end of the day and more likely to sit on the couch and eat take-out than go to yoga and cook a healthy meal.

The inquires started rolling in on a steady basis: “How can I workout if I travel for work?” “How am I going to find time for yoga once I have the baby?” “What do you eat when you travel?” “I’m doing everything, but why can’t I lose weight?” “Why do I feel tired all of the time, even when I get sleep?” “How do I reduce my ever present anxiety?”

The truth is I can empathize with many of these struggles because I have (and sometimes still do) experience them, but I’ve also spent years educating myself on how to overcome them.

So, I started recommending what has worked for me: I’ve written countless workouts for friends and family that travel, recommended books and articles on nutrition, shared recipes, given tips on how to combat anxiety and more. The results were so overwhelmingly positive that the idea for A.I.M. Health was born.

As the New Year commences, A.I.M. Health is ready to bring you online yoga classes and workouts as well as a variety of health tips so you can get on the path to overall well-being, even with life’s many demands.

Get ready by taking a few minutes today to check out the following mini-demonstrations on some elements you will find in A.I.M. Health classes and workouts. Please note that you will need to create an account with Namastream, our video host, to view the demos! https://app.namastream.com/aimhealth/463

Sample classes to follow!

Cheers to a happy and healthy year!

Alison Ives Marra